The Microwave Rap

Putcha microwave in the f**king air!

– SHAUN JAY (Circa 2010)

I already started playing around with the idea of “cloning” myself, so I knew I wanted to make a video where there was two of me. I found the beat on the VivaldiBeats YouTube channel and basically made a ridiculous song just so I had something to use to make a video. If you think the rapping is bad, you’re right… but, that’s not what we’re here for! 😉

I found a really old microwave advertisement and with my limited GarageBand skills, mixed it in. When editing the video I had to sync up all the parts I used from the ad. I’m to this day pretty happy with how that part of the song turned out.

People really seemed to like this one and I started to make link ups with other YouTubers. This video inspired MichaelMusic1 to make a diss track back to me called “The Refrigerator Rap” (the video has since been removed from YouTube, all that’s left is the Can’t Hug Every Cat [Rap Remix], what’s the deal bro?), we got talking and made the “This is BDM22” video together.

Edit (3/6/2020):
I’ve been contacted by someone that made their own “Microwave Rap” inspired by my one, here it is. What do you think? Is my 10 year old version better? They always say the classics are better!